Here's What Clients Say:

“I feel like I can get good at playing the piano while having fun. What I like the best is that Benjamin always gives me positive feedback, and tells me what I can do better. I appreciate having a challenge every week to practice and perform a new song, because  I feel proud of myself when I pass a song and learn something new. I also like that he teaches me songs that I like, and not just the ones in the book”

- Nico

"I've been taking music lessons from Ben for over 2 years now and feel very lucky to have found him. Ben's is a great teacher who's musical ability inspires me to practice and learn by ear. His lessons are well laid out and he often has teaching aids that help solidify what we go over while practicing at home. I would highly recommend him for students of all ages and skill levels."

- Liam

"Working together a number of times, Benjamin has been patient and accommodating throughout. He provides good support for our requirements and is a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to collaborating again soon."

- Melissa, Music Director for Hush Commercial Music Studios, Shanghai

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ben. He is a great musician, who is also a great teacher! He's patient, knowledgeable, and organized. My guitar playing has come so far with him as compared to my lessons from Long & Mcquade. Ben will encourage me to improve from week to week by listening and providing constructive feedback, and he makes the lessons fun by playing along with me or by throwing in music theory and ear training. It seems like he really cares about making you into a better musician. I tried learning on my own, but learning with Ben is so much easier and enjoyable that I'm staying motivated to keep at it. Thanks Ben!"

- Amy

"My two children have been receiving lessons from Benjamin for the past two years. I really appreciate that Benjamin tries to get to know each child as an individual and build up upon their strengths. He gives them an opportunity to be open about their worries and finds ways to encourage them to keep learning. My kids have improved significantly in their musical skills, but also music has helped them develop discipline to improve in their academics as well. I’m very thankful that they have Benjamin H as their instructor. Thanks Benjamin."


Here's What Parents Say:

"Thanks to my unique approach to music education and composition, I have been contracted by private schools as well as professional music studios alike to provide my expertise. Over this time I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of students, while composing for fortune 500 companies. If you have a project that requires custom audio, or are interested in learning to be able to read music, improvise, write your own songs, and play songs by ear, then save yourself precious time and contact me. If it turns out that I'm not the right fit for you, I'll at least be able to introduce you to someone who is."

-Benjamin, Owner of Asota Studios

Learning Music Can Be Easy

With the correct mentor...