Learn how to play and write radio anthems, or deepen the impact of your project with custom composition and audio.

Commercial Music Composition

People don't listen to music. They listen to the story the music tells. Whether you are looking for a new company jingle or need a soundtrack for your project, my team of veteran musicians and I will work closely to identify how we can use music to deepen your audience's experience.

  • 5, 15, 30, and 60 second Commercial Compositions

  • Full song / soundtrack composition

  • Soundtrack composition (TV, film, videogames)

  • Sound design

  • Music production

  • Mixing and mastering

  • Midi programming

  • Live instrument tracking

  • Copyright procurement

  • Project consulting

  • Commercial music library track selection


We have worked for a variety of brands requiring many different styles of commercial and popular music.

Music Coaching

Music will make or break your event but it's not just a matter of having the right music to enrich your audiences experience. You also have to make sure you are properly equipped to provide enough sound for the whole of your event. under powered speakers or improper audio visual setup can completely ruin an otherwise well planned event.

Learn How to:
  • Play songs by ear

  • Improvise

  • Write modern radio anthems

  • Start or join a band

  • Get gigs

  • Create a professional music portfolio

  • Finish songs

  • Use music theory

  • Read music

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