Music Coaching and Composition

Asota Studios provides clients with music composition and education services.

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Brands We Have Worked With

My name is Benjamin

As an educator, I help hundreds of students perform and compose music using the guitar. As a composer, I work with some of the biggest brands in the world and have my own original music on regular radio rotation.

My unique experience has given me everything required to fast track my clients to their musical goals. Contact me if you're searching for a seasoned educator and composer.


Coaching the next generation of guitar based songwriters and composing custom tailored audio for your next project.

Are you ready to...

Stand out as a musician?

You can learn anything on the internet so why do so few of us ever really become remarkable? Using time honoured techniques, you will unlock the secret of how to find your true voice as a musician and songwriter.

Deepen your brand's aesthetic and become memorable?

The way you see your brand often differs from how your audience does. Be certain your audience won't misunderstand what you're trying to communicate by ensuring you have music and audio that showcases the proper elements of your project.

Bring your visuals to life?

Whether your aim is to inspire or motivate, captivate or thrill, nothing enhances visual productions like the right music. My team and I are focused on understanding your goals, vision, and creative brief, so we can compose truly standout music for your project.

Make music that lives up to your aspirations?

The right mentor will help you shortcut your way to making music that you're seriously proud of. Our 1 on 1 coaching will have you writing pro-level music for radio in 12 weeks or less.